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Proactive maintenance is becoming a major factor in the achievement of high turbine availability and high turbine availability is key for high turbine performance. ‘Nipping it in the bud’ or stopping an issue before it causes significant downtime is a key part of any annual maintenance regime. Costly blade repairs are a key example. Once a blade problem is identified, turbine stoppage is usually immediate and until the blade is made safe and repaired, the turbine should not be operated. This leads to significant down time and loss of production.

Realise has recently been testing a new blade sensor which is left at the turbine for a short period of time to capture an acoustic signature of the turbine’s blades. This signature is compared to a ‘healthy’ blade, and when repeated at regular service intervals, a long-term picture of the blade’s health can be built up. Any change to this signature can be investigated and repaired before serious damage occurs. Even minute cracks and chips to the gel coat can be identified and repaired before they become bigger problems.

If you are interested in adding a noise survey to your annual service regime, please get in touch.