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Agriculture and Agribusiness

Agriculture and Agribusiness

Farmers and landowners are in a unique position to benefit from the growth in the wind industry and, with traditional agriculture increasingly volatile, many have diversified.

To tap into this market, farmers have two main choices:

  1. The option to lease their land to wind farm developers – a de-risked solution with no additional labour or expense required but with limited control over turbine type or size.
  2. Or they could finance their own turbine project – a greater overall project cost and initial risks of securing planning permission & grid connection but ensuring significantly greater returns over the life of the turbine. With the demise of the FiTs and ROCs this may not be financially viable for many at present unless on site energy requirements make a project more attractive by reducing imported energy costs.

Turbines take a limited amount of space and, given that the windiest sites are often the least agriculturally productive, have little adverse impact on existing farming operations.

There are also opportunities for the farmers, members of the community and local organisations to invest in their own green energy project providing a benefit to the whole community.

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Coronavirus Update



Realise Energy Services is taking the spread of Coronavirus in the UK&I extremely seriously. Our number one priority remains the safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers, providing a safe and hygienic environment for them to carry out their work and ensure the continuing safe operation of your turbine(s).

We are staying well informed of the developing situation and are following the advice and recommendations from the Government, relevant Public Health bodies and the World Health Organisation.

Current government advice defines energy generation as an “essential service” under the heading of “utilities, communication and financial services”. This means that our service engineers can continue to service and maintain our customers’ turbines to ensure their safe operation as part of the UK energy network and respond to unscheduled events as needed.

In addition, the government is advising that, if an individual is unable to do their job from home (even if it isn’t an essential service) they should continue to travel to and from their workplace. We are fortunate that our “workplace” is normally a windy hill in the countryside!

Therefore, we will continue to monitor, operate and maintain our customers’ fleet over the coming weeks confident that we are both following government guidelines and emergency legislation.

If you are a turbine owner and your normal service and maintenance provider is unable to respond for any reason, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance on 0800 042 0251 or and we would be glad to see if we can help at this difficult time for everyone.