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Professional Support to the Wind Industry

Supply, Installation and Decommissioning

Realise Energy Services are medium wind energy specialists dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of high quality, market-leading wind turbines and associated services to support the design, supply, installation and ongoing service and maintenance of those renewable energy solutions. We have an enviable track record of providing reliable, class-leading medium scale wind solutions for our clients.

Realise Energy Services has an enviable track record of providing a reliable, class-leading wind turbine solutions for its clients. We focus on proven performance, reliability, manufacturer pedigree and value for money to ensure the best solutions are recommended to our customers in accordance with their project requirements.

  1. New Wind Turbine Supply Options

We have strong relationships with a number of quality turbine manufacturers including Wind Teknik Nord GmbH, Vestas, ATB Riva Calzoni and Norvento.

  1. Refurbished Wind Turbine Supply Options

To address changing market conditions, Realise Energy Services have also partnered with leading European wind turbine refurbishment providers including Vestas themselves to extend our portfolio of wind turbine solutions. We can offer clients a range of cost-effective, yet high quality refurbished wind turbines.

Like other precision engineered long-life mechanical products such as aeroplanes or ships, wind turbines that have been operating effectively for many years and regularly serviced can be inspected, refurbished, and re-installed. Refurbished wind turbines are ideal for projects where clients seek a solution with lower up-front costs and enhanced financial return with the reassurance of reliable technology and an extensive customer base.

Inspection & refurbishment

Refurbished turbine solutions from Realise Energy Services are sourced directly from existing wind farms with full service and maintenance histories, transported to a refurbishment and re-manufacturing facility where all turbine components undergo thorough inspection, repair or replacement and testing prior release to Realise Energy Services.

Key Benefits

  • Deliver enhanced return on investment opportunity for clients
  • Provide a financially viable turbine for sites with high infrastructure costs
  • Detailed and professional inspection, refurbishment and re-manufacturing process
  • Warranty options available
  • Extended O&M contract delivers Realise Energy Services operation & maintenance support
  • Total package delivers cost-effective, de-risked turbine solution to maximise return on investment


Warranty term and cost is bespoke to the specific turbine and is based on the age and service history of the turbine and the level of refurbishment required.

Extended O&M Contract

Realise Energy Services have an enviable track record of providing a reliable and fast response operation and maintenance service to all our existing wind turbine customers. This ensures any operational issues can be addressed and resolved in a timely manner ensuring the continued safe operation of the turbine, limiting any potential loss of production and revenue.

Realise Energy Services carry a comprehensive stock of wear parts, spare parts and consumables in our service hubs and vehicles. We not only have access to critical parts through original turbine manufacturers, but we also have direct relationships with their key component manufacturers and their suppliers.

Our Service Level Agreement, combined with a ‘Spare Part Protocol’ (forward supply, in-vehicle, at-depot, OEM 24/48hr delivery) ensures that, if an issue cannot be resolved remotely within 4 hours, a team will respond to site within 48 hours. In practice we are achieving a 24-hour response service because of our local presence.

With High and Low Voltage electrical capabilities, Realise Energy Services are able to offer a range of electrical services to support your installations. These include electrical balance of plant supply, installation and maintenance (transformers, switchgear and cabling), Statutory inspections (SAP) and G59 (and G99) protection equipment including software and hardware support to ensure your site complies with the current Loss of Mains Change Programme in England, Scotland and Wales and the Grid Code Compliance requirements in Northern Ireland.

All turbines supplied, installed and maintained by Realise Energy Services have remote SCADA access allowing us to monitor, operate and make adjustments to your turbine in order to ensure it is operating effectively and to minimise downtime and loss of availability.

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