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Blade condition monitoring, inspections and repair

Blade Condition Monitoring, Inspections and Repair

Blade Inspections

Realise Energy Services can offer comprehensive blade condition inspections both by drone or by platform/cherry picker. The resulting report can be used, for example, by the customer to support insurance claims or satisfy funders of the condition of the blades.

In the case of any damage being found, we can provide a detailed quotation to carry out the repairs required and have experience of working with customer’s insurance providers or funders to ensure the repairs are completed in the necessary manner and timeframe.

Blade Noise Monitoring

Realise Energy Services has recently been testing a new blade sensor which is left at the turbine for a short period of time to record an acoustic signature of the turbine’s blades. This signature is compared to a ‘healthy’ blade and when repeated at regular service intervals a long-term picture of the blade’s health can be established. Any change to this signature can be investigated and repaired before serious damage and cost occurs.

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