New and Pre-Owned Wind Turbine Supply

New and Pre-Owned Wind Turbines

Realise Energy Services has an enviable track record of providing reliable, class-leading wind solutions for its clients. To address the market conditions, we have partnered with the world’s leading medium wind new and pre-owned wind turbine providers to extend our portfolio of wind turbine solutions. We can offer clients cost-effective yet high quality new or pre-owned medium wind turbines from a range of manufacturers, including:

  • • WTN, based in Germany. Wind Technik Nord are one of the few remaining manufacturers of new medium scale wind turbines.
  • • Vestas, based in Denmark, remain a global leader in turbine manufacture. They have been building medium scale turbines at the 2225kW – 3MW size for over 4 decades. As the demand for more renewable energy increases, manufacturers are building larger turbines and have moved away from the medium wind sector. However, the quality and track record of their medium scale solutions remains unrivalled and Realise can continue to supply and support this scale of machine. The Vestas install base of medium turbines is unsurpassed worldwide and their European component supply chain remains active.
Vestas Wind Turbine

Increasing Your Turbine’s Potential

Similar to other precision engineered, long-life machines such as planes or ships, wind turbines that have been operating effectively for many years and regularly serviced can be inspected, refurbished in part or whole if necessary, and then re-installed. Access to their operational history makes them suitable for projects where clients seek a solution with lower up-front costs and an enhanced financial return with the reassurance of reliable technology with an extensive customer base.

Is a Pre-owned Turbine Refurbished?

Realise can offer a range of options for pre-owned turbines:

As is

Inspected, delivered and installed at a new site.

Full Refurbishment

Where all operational components are refurbished or replaced (plus a few components are updated at the same time).

Partial Refurbishment

Option where only the main components are refurbished or replaced.

Vestas Wind Turbine

Turbine Options

Realise can offer a range of pre-owned Vestas turbines to suit customer requirements. V27, V29, V39, V42, V44, V47, V52, V66, V80 and V90 can be sourced. Turbines can operate at their original capacity or, in some cases, be de-rated to suit site-specific requirements.

A range of tower sizes are available for each model but are subject to availability.

Vestas V27

Vestas V29

Vestas V39

Vestas V42

Vestas V44

Vestas V47

Vestas V52

Vestas V66

Vestas V80

Vestas V90

Key Benefits of Vestas Pre-owned Turbines:

  • Deliver an enhanced return on investment for clients
  • Provide financially viable turbines for sites with high infrastructure costs
  • Detailed and professional inspection and where necessary, refurbishment process
  • Associated O&M contract delivers Realise Energy Services operation & maintenance support
  • Total package delivers cost-effective, de-risked turbine solution to maximise return on investment

Inspection & Refurbishment

Pre-owned turbine solutions from Realise Energy Services are where possible sourced directly from existing wind farms with service and maintenance histories, transported to a specialist facility where turbine components undergo thorough inspection, repair or replacement where necessary and then testing prior release to Realise Energy Services.

Associated O&M Contract

Realise Energy Services have an enviable track record of providing a reliable and responsive operation and maintenance services for Vestas wind turbines.

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