Decommissioning, Repowering and Turbine Installation

Decommissioning, Repowering and Installation

Repowering is the process of replacing an existing wind turbine with a newer, more efficient and possibly larger wind turbine on the same site. It is an opportunity to make your wind turbine site more productive and more efficient whilst continuing to follow the various subsidy rules.

Decommissioning, Repowering and Turbine Installation

Increasing Your Turbine's Potential

Many turbines that Realise Energy Services operate were installed under the Fit or ROC schemes, and as a result, an uplift in income could be achieved through increasing your turbine’s generation potential.

In some situations, it is possible to repower the whole site by replacing the current turbine with a larger and/or more productive machine. Realise are able to decommission, supply and install a range of turbines suitable for repowering a site. We are also able to project manage the entire project and arrange all the associated civil and electrical works.

To further improve efficiency, there are many system upgrades also suitable for older turbines when being repowered. Major components such as control systems can be retrofitted with more modern technology to improve turbine production and efficiency and minimise potential for downtime.

It is important to seek professional advice regarding any repowering project to ensure it meets with any Ofgem, planning or grid legislation. This is particularly important where existing sites were installed under the FiT or ROC schemes. Your accreditation could be at risk if you do not follow the correct guidelines.

Decommissioning, Repowering and Turbine Installation

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