Retrofits and Optimisation

Retrofits and Optimisation to Improve Wind Turbine Availability

Realise Energy Maximise Availability Through:

• Planned and proactive maintenance through a comprehensive service and maintenance agreement
• Efficiency improvements – turbine settings, electrical design, component upgrade
• Better use and analysis of data to identify issues and solutions
• Ensuring your turbine is set up correctly for your site conditions

Key Services Offered Include:

• Control System Retrofits
• Wind Turbine Data Analysis and Performance Assessment
• Grid Fault Analysis

Retrofits and Optimisation

Control System Retrofit

Realise Energy Services have partnered with leading European control system manufacturer, DEIF Wind Power Technology, to offer a range of turbine retrofit solutions designed to optimise turbine efficiency, maximise turbine performance and increase production of your wind turbine.

With an impressive background in turbine control system design and manufacture, DEIF offer a comprehensive range of wind turbine retrofit control solutions including wind farm & pitch control technology and turbine control strategies. Realise Energy Services’ DEIF-trained technicians are now able to assess your turbine and then design, model and install a bespoke DEIF solution tailored specifically to your turbine. This can optimise production with increased functionality and reduced wear and tear ensuring improved turbine performance and availability.

We can offer clients a range of cost-effective, yet high quality retrofit solutions manufactured by DEIF who have a proven track record across a global fleet of hundreds of Vestas turbines supported with our locally based operation and maintenance and turbine monitoring services.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased income
  • Reduced maintenance costs (subject to O&M contract type)
Retrofits and Optimisation

Benefits Achieved Through:

  • Higher availability and less downtime
  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased Annual Energy Production and performance
  • Reduced maintenance costs over the lifetime of the turbine through reduced wear and tear and by replacing outdated parts with new technology
  • Extended turbine lifetime
  • New management system (SCADA) interface
  • Automatic reset of alarms
  • New intelligent power and speed control
  • Derating strategies to avoid stops
  • State-of-the-art turbine control software
Retrofits and Optimisation

Wind Turbine Data Analysis and Performance Assessment

Realise Energy Services can retrofit state of the art supervisory control and data acquisition software (SCADA) and turbine control solutions which enable better monitoring and operation of turbines – ensuring more consistent performance and availability.

A comprehensive data analysis process enables us to accurately monitor and evaluate turbine efficiency and availability, by producing graphical and numerical comparisons across the fleet of turbines which we maintain.

Our engineers are trained to analyse power curves and make site specific adjustments to ensure that turbine performance and availability is optimal for your site.

Retrofits and Optimisation

Grid Fault Analysis

Resolving grid quality issues that might affect turbine performance.

A weak grid can result in significant downtime and increased wear on turbine components.
We use fault analysis to analyse the quality of the grid connection and incoming supply to the turbine. Realise Energy Services are able to liaise with the Distribution Network Operators on your behalf and assist in resolving grid quality issues that might affect turbine performance.


Realise Energy Services can offer a range of other services and new technology to improve availability:


  • Preventative maintenance – e.g. blade cleaning and re-coating
  • Blade pitch adjustment and calibration
  • Anemometer and wind vane calibration
  • Installation of correct cables and components
  • Cable condition inspection
  • Moving meter positions
  • Changing parameters to suit site specifics
  • Upgrading controllers and software
Retrofits and Optimisation

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