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Site Assessment

Site Assessment

As a precursor to commencing any project or as a way of providing support to the client and an expert opinion on a preferred turbine location, Realise Energy Services can review existing constraints maps, check access and location of structures and vegetation and assess any potential impact on the turbine such as turbulence, confirm site suitability with the turbine manufacturer and provide the client with confidence that the correct decision regarding location has been made.

By giving an overview of the entire project and an understanding of what is needed at each step, in order to move the project forward, we ensure that our clients to not incur unnecessary costs by reducing project risk ahead of an increase in project costs. Developers are constantly making decisions about their portfolio of potential sites such as which sites to develop and in what order, what size or number of turbines, how much capacity a site will accommodate and what is the optimal layout. Experience is the key to making the right decisions and a Feasibility Study is crucial to understanding the potential of the site for wind turbine development by providing background information upon which a justified planning proposal can be formulated and implemented as well as identifying any potential project-killers, showing how these might be resolved and assessing the potential level of risk for proceeding with the project.

Realise Energy Services provides technical assistance in ranking sites, selecting turbine dimensions, designing layouts, assessing likely capital, operational and grid connection costs to get it right first time.

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