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Site Resource Assessment

Site Resource Assessment

Financially viable wind turbine developments need accurate estimates of the wind speeds and the potential energy production. Realise Energy Services have the experience and equipment required to undertake wind resource assessments to predict wind speeds and energy yields and to model the anticipated site-specific wind regime using industry-recognised software.

We can either offer a complete on-site meteorology/wind mast installation, data collection & analysis package, or individual components to suit the customers own requirements as appropriate, anywhere within the UK. For larger wind projects, we supply and install on site meteorological masts, Sodar or Lidar equipment along with all required instruments and data loggers.

Where an on-site wind mast is not required by the manufacturer, we can offer a range of desk-based Virtual Met Mast solutions backed up with computational fluid dynamic modelling to ensure turbine locations are not affected by turbulence from surrounding structures.

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